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O xyHives Reviews

QuotesI developed hives all over my face, neck and arms after a reaction between a eucalyptus rub and a face cream containing retinol. I was prescribed a steroid cream which helped a little, and an oral steroid helped until I stopped taking it - it just flared up again. I was done with being miserable and at my wits end when I finally ordered Oxyhives. Within a week of spraying it under my tongue as directed, the hives were gone. It worked for me perfectly.

QuotesFor the last three years I've had hives break-outs that would travel all over my body. Large patches of very itchy hives. I suspected it was stress-related, but didn't know for sure if it was something else, so I went to several doctors including dermatologists. After many tests and thousands of dollars, including full panel contact allergy tests, they found no cause, and could offer no treatment or cure, other than to suggest I put strong steroid creams on the affected areas. Not only is that not a cure, but it's not healthy, long term.

So I started using OxyHives. And I'm very happy to report that it worked! However, it didn't work quickly, but took a few weeks to get rid of the hives. After one week of using the recommended dosage, the hives were still here, but noticeably less severe. After another week, they had begun to fade away. After yet another week, they were about 95% gone. After another week (four weeks now), they were gone, though I could still feel my skin trying to break out in certain areas. But they're gone! Thank God for this cure! It's been another couple of weeks, and I ordered another two bottles, and will keep taking it until I don't feel them trying to come back. Then I'll keep some on hand if/when they try to come back again.

QuotesReally works, didn't think it would but now on my 4th bottle. Will keep ordering as long as it keeps working for my hives.

QuotesThis really works for me. Over the last 3 years I've seen so many doctors for my hives, and none have been able to help with the symptoms. I was desperate and purchased this spray about a month ago and it has helped so much. If I catch it and use the spray when the itching episode is first starting, then I have relief within about 15 minutes. After about a month of using the spray, I have very few episodes and my hives are nearly gone.

QuotesI have been using these for about a month and have noticed a marked improvement in my chronic hives and itching (have been suffering for a year). They are still not gone, but I am hopeful that they will be soon. Today I am on day 9 without any antihistamine - the hives are coming much less frequently and the itching is much more bearable.

QuotesAfter a year of hives outbreaks this is the only thing that worked for me. Seriously, the only thing. I've been hives free for weeks now. What a relief.


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