OxyHives Ingredients

This product is an all natural sub-lingual spray consisting of eight main ingredients.

Apis Mellifica – Better known as honey bee, this ingredient is an extract of the venom in honey bees which causes a stinging, painful sensation and inflammation. When you apply it in a specific diluted concentration, it pushes your body past these exact same symptoms as they occur in hives. Apis Mellifica has proven incredibly effective in quickly relieving hive eruptions and easing symptoms.

Arnica Montana – This European plant is best known under the name Leopard’s Bane. It has been used as a folk remedy for hundreds of years and its homeopathic properties are now well understood by researchers. In studies, Arnica Montana was proven to be just as effective as drugs like ibuprofen for relieving inflammation. In diluted concentrations, it is very effective in relieving pain from skin ailments.

Ichthyolum – This ingredient is made from the fossils of fish deposits. It is very useful for relieving inflammation, redness and pain in the skin. It can also be used for other problems like rheumatism and uric acid diathesis. One of the reasons that ichthyolum is such as useful treatment for hives is because it acts very quickly to give fast relief.

Lachesis – This is a distilled venom taken from a species of snake which is native to Sri Lanka. The venom of these snakes is not known to be fatal but can cause reactions such as swelling and severe pain. When used homeopathically, it can achieve fast relief from hives, especially by taking away pain and swelling.

Hepar – Made by mixing together sulfur with the inner layer of oyster shells. The mixture is then heated and calcified. Traditionally, many cultures would use a similar mixture of sulfur and calcium to treat skin ailments. Today’s modern homeopathy has discovered that this mixture is even more effective than the original for treating skin ailments like hives, acne or boils.

Mercurius Solubilis – This is a powdered form of cinnabar which is taken from volcanic rocks. It has been traditionally used for many purposes including treating ear infections, syphilis, bad breath, and toothache. It has been included in OxyHives because of its strong ability to reduce inflammation and pain from hives. If your hives become pus filled or infected, this ingredient will be an especially potent remedy.

Rhus Toxicodendron – Better known as poison oak, rhus toxicodendron is one of the most widely-used homeopathic remedies for treating various skin ailments, especially those that cause pain, inflammation or itchiness. Poison oak was even one of the first homeopathic remedies discovered and it has been thoroughly studied. The research shows that poison oak is very effective for treating hives and many other skin ailments.

Urtica Urens – This is the Latin name for the plant commonly known as stinging nettles. Diluted concentrations of stinging nettles are included in OxyHives because of its strong ability to help the body overcome itchiness and inflammation of the skin. Urtica Urens has proven very effective as a homeopathic treatment for hives and fever blisters.


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